The Selkie Story

It all started with a trip to Scotland and a chance encounter with a seaweed beer. Unable to forget that memorable taste, Joanne returned to the States with a mission to bring it to the Seacoast.

In the summer of 2016, our first-ever, full-bodied Scottish Red Ale (4.9%ABV) was brewed with 60 pounds of locally harvested Sugar Kelp from UNH’s Aquaculture program. And so, Selkie was born. 

Selkie showcases a salty, briney flavor with a sweet malt body. Matt says it reminds him of going the ocean when he was a kid.

“I always remember when I was a kid and my parents would take me to the ocean, and I’d go swimming and hours later after you’d been out of the water, you’d lick your lips and taste that ocean. And that was what I was getting off this beer, it wasn’t like, ocean right in your face, it was nice Scottish Red Ale, but when you were done you might lick your lips and taste this nice salty briney flavor.”

So what makes Selkie so unique (aside from the seaweed, obviously)? We partnered with the UNH Aquaculture program, who had been experimenting with kelp in their Steal Head Trout fish farms to help absorb excess nutrients produced by the fish. Lines of rope that had been inoculated with kelp spawn worked fabulously as a bio filter. So by growing and harvesting the kelp, a symbiotic relationship is created, making for healthy kelp and cleaner water!

The Portsmouth Brewery has plans to make Selkie available in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Selkie Udate from Atlantic Media Productions on Vimeo.