Meet Chef Jamie Dennison. Before landing on our doorstep at The Portsmouth Brewery, he has worked in the New England area as an executive chef in North Andover as well as an executive Sous Chef at a New York style Spanish Nightclub. He is a “hands-on” type of worker who leads his kitchen staff by encouragement and through example. He is an extremely hard worker, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to make sure the kitchen is performing at its highest capacity. We are so thrilled to have Chef Jamie join our team!

Chef Jamie is an artist who, instead of using paint or clay as his medium, uses raw ingredients in order to sculpt his own masterful creations. Cooking is truly a labor of love for Jamie, in that he injects a certain verve and personality into everything he creates.

This is because he sees food through a different lens; cooking is a mode of communication. It is an exchange of ideas and emotions from one person to another. The act of creating and giving food forges personal bonds between a chef and a customer. Over time, good food reinforces those relationships. It’s no surprise then, that Jamie is most interested in the idea of making the quintessential comfort food.

He is interested in making food that reminisces with you, but that also has new and surprising elements that keep it fresh, modern, and exciting. One of the ways that Jamie aims to do this is by working with our Head Brewer, Matt Gallagher, to find the best beer pairings for his creations. Jamie takes these pairings one step further, in that he will also be using beer within some of the dishes. The Beef “Beer”guignon on the Restaurant Week menu, for instance, is made with a reduction sauce using Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale.

Jamie is dedicated towards the idea of careful and creative plating; he believes that food should look just as good as it tastes. The plating should act and feel like a dance. There should be movement, excitement, structure, and synchronization between each component so that the end result appears effortlessly beautiful. And sometimes, just like a salsa or samba dance, a dish can have a bit of a kick to it.

This Restaurant Week, that runs from November 2-Novemeber 11, will be the first Restaurant Week that Jamie has participated in the Seacoast area. It is no wonder, then, that he is very excited about getting to know the local atmosphere as well as our wonderful New England customers and vendors. So if you see him around, don’t be afraid to give a wave or say “hi!” next time you’re at The Portsmouth Brewery.



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