Interested in a party?

At the Brewery, we’ve built our business serving our walk-in customers, so we do not close down the entire restaurant for private parties. We do enjoy accommodating private functions whenever possible.

We have two options for large groups, our downstairs Jimmy LaPanza Lounge, a casual setting for parties of 20 to 65, and the Big Ass Table, which seats up to 20.

In our Jimmy LaPanza Lounge we can host lunch events from 11:30am to 3:30pm, or evening events Monday through Friday from 4 till 8pm.

To inquire about booking an event in the LaPanza Lounge or to reserve the Big Ass Table (for groups up to 20) Call 603.431.1115 or submit the form below:

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  • Click here to find information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions for both spaces.


    Private Party & Function Menus
    (for Jimmy LaPanza functions only)


    Ensalada – $5.95 per person
    Mixed greens, arugula, red quinoa and black beans, roma tomatoes, cilantro, pickled house jalapenos, grilled red onion, jack cheese, tossed in an avocado lime dressing and topped with crispy corn tortillas.

    Pub Salad – $5.95 per person
    Romaine and bibb lettuce with local baby kale, marinated garbanzo beans, gruyere cheese, red cabbage, carrots, cherry tomatoes, chives and fresh dill, tossed in a creamy mustard-herb dressing.

    Caesar Salad – $5.95 per person
    Chopped romaine lettuce with herb croutons, shredded Parmesan and homemade Caesar dressing.


    Deep Dish Pizzas – $40 each (48 portions)
    Our homemade foccaccia crusts baked with fresh toppings:
    • Grilled veggies with asiago cheese and balsamic glaze.
    • Chili-grilled chicken with pico de gallo, 
 jack cheese and garlic oil.
    • Old Brown Dog Braised Beef with caramelized onions,
 bleu cheese and horseradish cream sauce.

    Hummus and Baba Ganoosh – $75 (30 portions)
    A pair of delicious homemade middle-eastern specialties served with fresh veggies and dipping breads.

    Cheese, Fruit & Veggie Platter – $65 (25 portions)
    Fresh fruit, crisp vegetables and select local cheeses.

    Ploughman’s Platter – $85 (25 portions)
    Cured meats and local cheeses with cornichons, whole grain mustard, chutney and grilled pretzel rolls.

    Marvelous Meatballs – $75 
(50 portions)
    Your choice of our beef or eggplant 
meatballs served in marinara sauce 
with Parmesan cheese.

    Seafood Cakes – $100 
(50 portions)
    Zesty treats made with salmon, Maine crabmeat and local whitefish, served with zesty remoulade.

    Cucumber Dill Crostini – $65 
(50 portions)
    Pretzel crisps with cucumber, fresh dill 
and cream cheese.

    Assorted Deviled Eggs Platter – $40 (50 portions)
    A party favorite featuring an array 
of homemade fillings.

    Beer Battered Fried Chicken Tenders – $75 
(50 portions)
    Fresh hand-cut chicken tenders served with sides of our BBQ sauce, honey ale mustard, Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing.

    Black Bean Dip – $55 (30 portions)
    One of our best selling appetizers that features a hearty black bean spread served warm with a layer of salsa and melted jack cheese. Sour cream and crispy tortilla chips on the side.

    Hoppy Cheese Spread – $35 (30 portions)
    A blend of zesty cheeses seasoned with IPA and fresh herbs 
served with homemade pretzel crisps.

    Pretzel Bites – $50 (50 portions)
    Savory, chewy, bite-sized morsels of our homemade pretzel rolls with cheddar-ale dipping sauce.

    Roasted Tomato, Bacon & Ale Dip – $75 
(30 portions)
    A real crowd-pleaser served with pita chips.


    Entrees are served with your choice of salad, rolls, potato 
and vegetable. Choose three for $27.95 per person;
 for additional choices, add $2 per person.

    Old Brown Dog Marinated Steak Tips
    Naturally raised hanger steak tips marinated with herbs, shallot, tamari and Old Brown Dog Ale.

    Baked Stuffed Chicken Breast
    Tender chicken breasts prepared with your choice of:
    • Spinach, sun-dried tomato and cous cous stuffing 
 with a pesto cream sauce.
    • Bacon, arugula and asiago stuffing 
 with a mustard cream sauce.

    New England Style Baked Haddock
    Whitefish fillets baked with white wine, buttered cracker crumbs and a touch of lemon.

    Vegetable Stir-fry
    With tofu & rice noodles.

    Seafood Paella
    Shrimp, mussels, chicken and andouille sausage over saffron rice with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

    Please note that the prices quoted above do not include 9% New Hampshire Rooms and Meals tax and 20% gratuity.