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Why We Brew

Many folks visit the Brewery, look through the glass windows, see a lot of shiny tanks, hoses and gizmos, scratch their heads and wonder what they are looking at. What they are looking at is the heart and soul of this business, the reason for our existence as a company.

This is what we are all about: good fresh beer, made by hand using traditional methods and ingredients, and served up with a smile. We have good reason to smile, too. We serve over 250,000 pints of our beer each year.




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Meet The Brewer


Matt’s passion for brewing began at a very early age. His father Ron, took up homebrewing as a hobby and Matt fondly remembers waking up to the smell of malt and hops boiling in his kitchen on Saturday mornings. As soon as he was old enough, he starting brewing his own recipes and never stopped. After a discussion with former Head brewer Tyler Jones, his dream of brewing professionally was about to come true. Tyler brought him on as an assistant brewer. Working shoulder to shoulder with Tyler for nearly two years readied Matt for the head brewer position when Tyler decided to start his own brewery in Connecticut. When Matt’s not plotting his next beer recipe or bellied up to the bar chatting with our loyal customers, you can usually find him on his surfboard riding waves, hanging out with his dogs, fishing, or foraging for whatever wild mushrooms might be in season.


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