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For information on our upcoming Phunk ‘N Fromage Beer Social with our sister brewery’s restaurant Hayseed, IPC Happy Hour or Science Cafe check out our upcoming events on our Facebook events page here or on our Events Calendar here.

March 29, 2017
Imperial Pint Club Hoppy Hour
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Jimmy Lapanza Lounge
Beginning with Beer Week, IPC Members get to enjoy $4 Imperial Pints of their favorite Portsmouth Brewery Beers and half price Bar Snacks every weekday in the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge between 5-7pm. Why not sign up today!
Parking Violation Night
6:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Jimmy LaPanza Lounge, downstairs at the Portsmouth Brewery
Bring in a genuine unpaid City of Portsmouth Parking ticket, issued to you within the previous 14 days, write out a payment check, and your first beer is on the house. We'll even provide a postage stamp and drop it in the mail for you. Valid all over restaurant. Limit one per week.

Fine print: we reserve the right to refuse this offer to anyone we think is kind of sketchy and might not be entirely on the up and up.
$1 Corn Dogs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge
6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Jimmy LaPanza Lounge, 56 Market St, Portsmouth NH 03801
All beef hot dogs freshly battered and fried golden brown. Add some mustard and enjoy! All for just a 1$
a piece!

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Community Pint Night

Community Pint Night

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The Imperial Pint Club

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From the looks (and sound) of this happy bunch you'd never know a blizzard was raging outside! @…
- Tuesday Mar 14 - 7:19pm

Brewer's Notes

When in Doubt, Have a Stout

IT’S SOCIAL SEASON!!!!! It doesn’t take much to get us excited here at the Brew!  We love the social season because it allows us to flex our culinary muscles and do things that we don’t get to …

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We’re hosting a Bottle Swap!

American Craft Beer Week is rapidly approaching. In fact, it’s just a month away.

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