Start earning (and redeeming) Hoppy Points at The Portsmouth Brewery!

There’s no better time to get yourself a Hoppy Card, and it’s as easy as asking your server! It’s just one way we are saying thank you to our dedicated and valued customers. There is no charge and the enrollment process takes about 2 minutes!

What are “Hoppy Points” you ask? Well, every dollar you spend with us earns you a Hoppy Point. Once you earn 500 Hoppy Points points, you will be issued a Portsmouth Brewery Gift Card for $25.00 through the mail. After you receive your first gift card, additional points will be automatically loaded on your Hoppy Card! From that point on, your Hoppy Card will perform a dual function: a points accrual card and a payment card. Both easy to use and fun to spend! What’s not to like?

(Pssst – somedays we even offer double Hoppy Points.)