The Imperial Pint Club

Welcome to the Imperial Pint Club


Back in 1998 when we started the Brewery’s Imperial Pint Club, our objective was simple: to serve our most loyal patrons 20-ounce Imperial pints for the same price as regular 16-ounce pints. There were other benefits as well, but what we didn’t realize at the time was how over the decades the Pint Club would become a community of people united by their love of good beer and good company, and that was the greatest benefit of all.

Club membership makes a great gift for the beer lover in your life. Follow this link to join now.

Draft Beer Benefits

Imperial Pint Club members get an Imperial pour of 20 ounces instead of the regular 16-ounce pint. For higher gravity beers, or small batch beers, we up the 12-ounce pour to 16 in a shaker glass. Do the math – that’s a pretty good deal!

Social Benefits

Membership includes an exclusive Holiday Pint Club Party as well as other periodic events throughout the year. In addition, members receive opportunities for advance purchase of tickets to beer socials and other limited-seating events at the Brewery.

Other Benefits

Members enjoy discounts on carry-out beers (except ones already on sale) and special offers on beer and merchandise throughout the year.

Club Dues

Membership runs with the calendar year; all memberships expire on December 31.

• If you sign up from January 1 through June 30th, your dues for the full year are $50.

• If you sign up from July 1 through November 30, your dues for the partial year are $30.

• New members who sign up after November 30 and wish to attend the current year’s Holiday party pay $75, which includes 13 months of membership (and two parties).

Follow this link to join now.