Pint Club & Imperial Pint Club

Being a regular at the Portsmouth Brewery has its benefits. Here are two of them.

The Pint Club

The Pint Club is our free rewards program, which you can join right now by following this link.  Earn points every time you visit the Brewery or place a takeout order. Every dollar spent earns a point, each one redeemable for 5¢ (after you’re earned 100 of them). In other words, for every hundred bucks you spend, you’ll automatically get five off on your next purchase. In addition, you’ll receive a ten dollar bonus that you can redeem any time during the month of your birthday, as well as special offers through our email newsletter.

The Imperial Pint Club

The Imperial Pint Club, is our exclusive dues-based club, whose benefits are described below. Back in 1998 when we started the IPC, our objective was simple: to serve our most loyal patrons 20-ounce Imperial pints for the same price as regular 16-ounce pints. There were other benefits as well, but what we didn’t realize at the time was how it would become a community of people united by their love of good beer and good company, and that turned out to be the greatest benefit of all. 

The Imperial Pour

As an Imperial Pint Club member, when you order a pint, you’ll be served 20 ounces in a genuine IPC glass, instead of 16 in a straight-sided shaker glass. For higher gravity beers, or small batch beers, we up the regular pour to the next size. Do the math – that’s a pretty good deal!

Imperial Pint Glass

New members, as well as those who joined prior to 2021, receive their own Imperial Pint Club glass to take home.

Social Benefits

Membership includes an invitation to our exclusive IPC Holiday Party, as well as other members-only events throughout the year. In addition, members receive opportunities for advance purchase of tickets to beer socials and other limited-seating events at the Brewery.

Other Benefits

Members enjoy a 10% discount on carry-out beers (except ones already on sale) and regularly-priced retail merchandise, as well as special offers on beer, food and merchandise throughout the year, as announced in our email newsletter.

Club Dues

Annual dues are $75 for the first year; $50 each year thereafter.


Follow this link to join or renew online.  (Be sure to have a photo ready for your digital membership card. If you’re signing up with your mobile device you can snap a selfie from within the membership application.)

By the way. IPC membership makes a great gift for the beer lover in your life. 

(Please note that Imperial Pint Club members must enroll in the regular Pint Club separately in order to accrue and redeem points.)