The Brew House

Q:How much beer do we brew in a batch at the Portsmouth Brewery?


We brew in seven-barrel (217 gallons) batches – the equivalent of 14 kegs or about 1,700 pints of beer.

Q:How much do we make in a year?


We make around 1,200 barrels a year. This is about 37,000 gallons, or 300,000 pints’ worth. Placed side-by-side, that would form a line of beer glasses that would stretch from our front door all the way to Seabrook, over sixteen miles away!

Q:How often do we brew?


Typically, between 3 and 4 times a week, depending on the season. The rest of the time, we’re cleaning, doing transfers or filling cans.

Q:Do you package your beer?


Yes. We put limited amounts of beer in 16-ounce cans  and 32-ounce refillable “squealers” which are available in our retail store and at the bar.

The Big Ass Table

The Big Ass Table is a great spot for parties of ten to twenty. The Seacoast’s largest party table is perfect for birthday celebrations, going away parties, reunions or a night out with friends. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding this table.

Q:When is the Big Ass Table available?


The table is available for large groups any day we’re open for business.

Q:Do I have to pay a deposit or fee to reserve the table?


To reserve the table we require a seventy-five dollar deposit, which will be fully refunded after your party.

Q:What is the cancellation policy?


Your deposit will be refunded if you cancel your reservation more than 48 hours before your event. It will not be returned for no-shows or cancellations made less than 48 hours prior.

Q:What happens if our party grows to more than 20?


There’s no getting around the fact that no more than twenty chairs can fit at the Big Ass Table. Allowing standing guests in that area is not good for customers or servers since the table itself takes up most of the room. We’ll do our best to seat additional guests somewhere else in the restaurant, hopefully within sight of the rest of your group, but, because we seat our dining areas on a first-come-first-served basis, that may not be possible. Groups of 20 or more are best accommodated downstairs in our Jimmy LaPanza Lounge.

Q:Is any gratuity added to checks for Big Table parties?


Yes, we allow our servers to add a 20% gratuity. You are welcome to reward your server with a larger tip if you especially enjoyed the hospitality they provided you and your guests.

Q:May we pay with separate checks?


Of course.

Q:If we are having a celebration, may we decorate the Big Ass Table?


Sure. Many parties bring in centerpieces, balloons for chairs, streamers and more. If you are celebrating the final days of bachelor- or bachelorette-hood, we kindly ask that you leave any creepy gag gifts in the limo because the room is open to the rest of the dining room, where people of all ages and sensibilities are present.

Q:Is there any time limit to a Big Ass Table reservation?


No. We typically space reservations three hours apart, but when we take a reservation we ask what the occasion is so that if there would be a reason to allow for more time for your group, we will make the table available for as long as you like.

Q:Is the Table handicapped accessible?


Yes, there is an entrance to the Brewery just down the hall, on the same level, a short distance away from the municipal parking garage. Our handicapped accessible bathrooms are very close by as well.

Q:How do I reserve the Big Ass Table?


To reserve the Big Ass Table (for groups up to 20) Call 603.431.1115.

The Jimmy LaPanza Lounge (Downstairs)

Our downstairs Jimmy LaPanza Lounge is best suited for informal, cocktail-style parties of 20 to 60 people. This eclectic space features a bar, high-top tables and lounge seating, as well as shuffleboard, Dagz game and wide-screen TV. Unfortunately, we cannot convert the room for sit-down dining. Access is by stairs, and not handicapped accessible.

Q:Can there be minors in my party?


Yes, but they just can’t drink alcohol. Minors are expected to leave once the party has ended and the Lounge returns to its normal “21 and over” policy.

Q:How much does it cost to book the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge?


Reserving the LaPanza Lounge requires a room charge, which is fully refundable up to two weeks prior to the reservation date. 50% is refundable up to one week prior to your event. We accept cash, credit card, or company check. The fee itself depends on the day of the week:

• Sunday through Thursday: $350
• Friday & Saturday: $500
• (A $100 discount is given to repeat clients)

No room charge for non-profit fundraisers and this is approved on a case-by-case basis.

Each hour beyond four hours will incur an additional seventy five dollars per hour.

Your party must spend a minimum amount on food as follows:

• Sunday through Thursday: $20 per person and $800 minimum food spend (equals 40 guests)
• Friday & Saturday: $24 per person and $1,800 minimum food spend (equals 75 guests)
• The room fee is not included.

Q:If we pay more, can we reserve the room for longer?


Yes. The room charge allows you to have the lounge for up to four hours; for time beyond that the charge is $75 per hour. Five hours is the maximum we allow for the entire event, from start to finish.

Q:Can we smoke downstairs?



Q:How does paying the bar tab work?


There are many ways the bar tab can be handled. It typically comes down to your budget as well as the type or theme of the event. Here are several ways to do it:

  1. Cash Bar – everyone pays their own way.
  2. You pay for all non-alcoholic beverages.
  3. You pay up to a certain dollar amount.
  4. You pay for everybody’s first one or two drinks using tickets or tokens.
  5. You’re flush with cash and pay for everything!

Q:Is there an extra charge for the bartenders?


No, we cover the cost of the staffing your party.

Q:Is the tip included in the pricing for the food?


No, the price of food does not include a gratuity. The 8.5% NH Rooms & Meals tax and a 20% gratuity will be added to the food and beverage tab before the check is presented to you.

Q:What kind of food can we order?


Food for LaPanza Lounge parties is always served buffet style. Our menu includes options from finger foods to full entrees. In order to ensure a good balance of food and alcohol consumption and to provide for your guests’ varying food preferences, a minimum food order is required. Click here for our function menu.

Food charges are as follows:
• Sunday through Thursday $20 per person, with an $800 minimum.
• Friday & Saturday $24 per person, with an $1,800 minimum.

Q:Can any changes be made to the menu options?


Some hosts have guests with specific dietary needs or preferences (food allergies, favorite dishes, etc.). We will do our best to provide you with ideas for substitutions or special accommodations up to the last minute. Please don’t hesitate to ask!

Q:What if I need to make last minute changes in the head count?


When making your reservation, we will try to estimate the size of your group. A difference of a handful or so guests in the turnout is generally easy to accommodate.

Q:Are decorations allowed in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge?


We are flexible in this department. Since the Lounge will not open for regular business until after your party, you may decorate any time during the day of your function. The Day Manager arrives at 10am so anytime after then is fine. We only ask that decorations do not damage walls or fixtures and are removed at the end of the event.

Q:May we bring in our own cake?


Definitely. We will keep your cake safe and sound until you are ready for it to be served and will provide plates and forks. We do not charge for serving your cake.

Q:May we bring in our own food?


We ask that you purchase all food from our menus.

Q:How do I book the Lapanza Lounge?


To book the Lapanza Lounge call 603.431.1115. Ask for Chelsea Farrington, or email her directly by clicking here.