The Portsmouth Brewery Chef-Brewer Battle, our annual staff culinary competition, is happening April 8 and we want you to join us for this epic throwdown!

Competition is defined as “a rivalry between two or more persons or groups for an object desired in common, usually resulting in a victor and a loser but not necessarily involving the destruction of the latter”. It sounds so violent, doesn’t it? Why do we have this urge to always compete with one another, whether it’s on the grid iron, golf course, or even in a kitchen or brewhouse? I like to think the drive to compete is an innate human quality. To me, the reason behind the desire to compete is two-sided. Sometimes you don’t like your competition and you want to beat them out of sheer joy in seeing them lose. The second motivation is to push yourself and grow through the challenge.

The Battle pairs our chefs and brewers through a random draw. Each team has designed and brewed special collaborative beers to pair with a unique food menu. The pairings will be served at the social and an esteemed panel of judges will choose a winner in addition to an audience vote. Having won this before, I can tell you that one year’s worth of bragging rights is an awesome prize.

Four unique beers are debuting at this social:

Breakfast of Champions Stout, the beer I brewed with Head Brewer Matt Gallagher; paired with Maple-braised pork belly on a cheddar-buttermilk biscuit with mushroom duxelle, soft poached egg and sauce mornay

Stawbarb Porter, by Chef Steve and Brewer Maxine; paired with “Duck, Duck, Mousse,” a trio of duck preparations.

The Chicken Chaser, by Chef Dez and Brewer Kieran; paired with Fried Chicken, corn fondue, haricot verts and a dijon hop jus

Blackberry Daily Brett, by Hayseed Chef Kevin and Smuttlabs Head Brewer Charlie; paired with dried fruit stuffed Pork Loin with rosti potato and finished with a blackberry gastrique.

You’ll just have to come to the social to try these beers. We’ve got just enough for the pairings. The chefs and brewers are pulling out all the tricks they have in their bags for this event. Tickets are $40 ($35 for Imperial Pint Club members) and on sale now in the Portsmouth Brewery e-store and in person at 56 Market Street.

We’ll see you soon!