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When in Doubt, Have a Stout

Brewer’s Notes

Brewer's Notes


November 19, 2015

We kicked off our social season last night with a bang! Thanks to everyone who attended and special thank you to our amazing chefs Jon, Dez, Steve, and their army of well trained kitchen staff.

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Brewer's Notes

Summer Sours!

June 29, 2015

Hi folks,
Just wanted to take a quick minute to keep you up to date about whats happening in the brewhouse. We just sour kettled a Kriek that you can expect to see on tap in mid July.

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Brewer's Notes

Red, Wit, & Bluebeery

June 19, 2015

Hello Folks! Can you believe it’s almost the fourth of July already?? Kieran, Maxine and I have working hard in the brewhouse to show our patriotism the best way we know how… With beer! Ou…

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Hop Harvest!!

October 13, 2014

Hi beer friends! The transition into fall brings us many exciting things to brew with through the harvest season. Pumpkin beers are quietly fermenting away in our cellar right now.

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Brewer's Notes

Growler News

July 2, 2014

We began filling growlers nearly 15 years ago at Portsmouth Brewery. A lot has changed since then, but nothing more significant than the overall increase in growler culture.

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