Hi beer friends! The transition into fall brings us many exciting things to brew with through the harvest season. Pumpkin beers are quietly fermenting away in our cellar right now. Whats even more exciting to me is the Hop Harvest beers that are finished up and ready for your pallet! This year we made two Hop Harvest beers (double batches) for your drinking pleasure. The first was made with Mosaic hops and is on tap now! Come and get it! The second, which will go live no later than Friday the 17th is made with a brand new hop variety called Equinox.

These Hops were grown and harvested in the Yakima Valley of Washington State, packaged in perforated boxes, put directly onto a plane, and we were brewing with them less than 12 hours later in Portsmouth New Hampshire! There is no better way to harness all the wonderful flavor and aroma hops bring to the brewing table than by brewing with them fresh and wet. Mosaic hops have a very juicy flavor profile reminiscent of tropical fruit, while the Equinox hops have a citrusy/floral flavor up front, with a lingering green peppercorn finish. Both are delicious and begging you to come give them a try!

Cheers and brewing love!

Matt Gallagher