Join us in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge on Thursday, March 23, starting at 5:00 pm, for our annual Hops & Heat Beer Social, featuring spicy foods matched with hoppy beers. This year we’re livening things with a hot pepper eating contest (details below).

Here’s the menu that Chef Dez has created for the occasion:

First Course: Just getting started…

Black and Blue Irish Nachos – house chili blend dusted waffle fries, melted Irish cheddar, comeback sauce.

Second Course: Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Poppers – Roasted Fresno peppers, cheddar jack cream cheese filling, charred jalapeño ranch.

Third Course: You’re in God’s hands now…

Volcano bites – Chicken tender or cauliflower bites, volcano sauce, pickled habaneros, buttermilk dill dressing.

The Pepper Eating Contest starts at six.

  • The Grand Prize is a Tushy Classic Bidet toilet attachment, *a life altering addition to any well-appointed powder room (take it from us – we know).
  • Second prize is a $50 gift card to the Portsmouth Brewery.
  • All contestants who make it through Round One will enjoy a pint on the house.

The contest consists of four elimination rounds:

  • Round One – eat three jalapeño peppers (Easy, right? You’ve already won a free beer.)
  • Round Two – eat two serrano peppers. (Hey, you can do this…)
  • Round Three – eat one Thai Birdseye pepper. (You know, the little devilish ones.)
  • Round Four – Habanero pepper. This is a sudden death round. Any remaining contestants will eat Habaneros until the last person standing.

Remember, there is no shame in crying during a chili eating contest. Milk and/or ranch dressing will be provided.

Contestants will sign a waiver prior to the contest releasing the Brewery of all responsibility for any gastric distress resulting from this contest.