At its start in 2013, the Shuffleboard League at The Portsmouth Brewery was created with two main objectives: to promote a fun and sociable environment, and to raise money for charity. As the Shuffleboard League is now entering its 12th successful season at The Portsmouth Brewery, it is safe to say that it has achieved both of these goals. The League has celebrated 5 years of making new connections, having fun, and donating the money they raised to charity through The Portsmouth Brewery.

Okay, so what is Shuffleboard? The Shuffleboard located in the LaPanza Lounge at The Portsmouth Brewery is of the bar room variety, meaning that it is played on a long table with teams made up of at least two people standing opposite of each other. The game itself is one of accuracy and patience, where each team member must slide a weight across the board in order to land somewhere in the scoring zone. There are 16 different teams within the League, which means that there are around 32-40 individuals that play. There are two seasons per year: Fall and Winter, and each official season lasts 8 weeks.

According to “Shuffleboard Sean,” one of the co-founders of the League, the focus of the League has always been on having fun, meeting new people, and enjoying some beers with friends on a Monday night at The Brewery.

Although these Shuffleboarders play for points, the League is committed to having fun and keeping a light atmosphere. Last year, a new type of trophy was bestowed upon the winning team: a wrestler-style championship belt emblazoned with the PB logo on it. But the Shuffleboarders didn’t stop there. They have another “trophy” that is gifted to the team with the lowest number of points at the end of the season. This team becomes the proud owner of the infamous Toilet Bowl Trophy until the next season begins.

We love hosting the Shuffleboard League on Monday nights, and we are proud of the good work they do in raising money for charity!

Do you want to join this League of Shuffleboarders? Check out their website here!