IT’S SOCIAL SEASON!!!!! It doesn’t take much to get us excited here at the Brew!  We love the social season because it allows us to flex our culinary muscles and do things that we don’t get to do on an everyday basis. The upcoming socials will follow a string of themed events all circled around the seasonality of beer styles. Every social will feature a different beer style, and only that style will be served during that social. The only social that does not follow this format is the Chef Brewer Battle happening in May!

Unlike in years past, I will be working closely with Chef Dez and each others staff at Hayseed and Portsmouth Brewery, creating the social menus and executing all of these events.  We will be holding three of this years’ socials at the Hayseed location in Hampton.  If you haven’t already visited the new Smuttynose/Hayseed location, this is the perfect opportunity!   All of the beer at the events will be featured beer from Portsmouth Brewery, Smuttynose Brewing Company and SmuttLabs. Listed above are all of the scheduled socials for this upcoming calendar year, and we couldn’t be more excited!

As you can see, our first social is quickly approaching.  It’s titled “When in Doubt, Have a Stout”, and features Stouts and Porters paired with a day’s worth of meals.  The first course will be breakfast; second course will be lunch and so on.  Where else can you get a day’s worth of meals in a matter of two hours?  Here is an exclusive look at the menu planned for “When in Doubt, Have a Stout”!

Breakfast: Irish Fry-Up

Breakfast sausage, black pudding, back bacon, beans, tomatoes, fried bread and a sunny side up quail egg.

Meatless option: Tempeh bacon, le puy lentil pudding, roasted mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, fried bread and a sunny side up quail egg.

Pairing: Portsmouth Brewery Coffee Milk Stout

Lunch: Chowder

Local smoked oysters in a double cream reduction with potato brunoise, bacon dust, crispy fried onions and micro-celery.

Meatless option: Smoked oyster mushrooms in a double cream reduction with potato brunoise, crispy fried onions and micro-celery.

Pairing: Smuttynose Robust Porter

Tea: Tea sandwich

Corned beef on white bread with Coleman’s mustard and butter.

Meatless option: Roasted beets, pickled onion and a pepper aioli on white bread.

Pairing: Smuttynose Baltic Porter

Dinner: Meat Pie

Tender stout-braised lamb with farm root vegetables in a flaky crust with a demi-bistro salad.

Meatless option: Tender stout-braised farm root vegetables in a flaky crust with a demi-bistro salad.

Pairing: Smuttlabs Stallion

Dessert: Float

A dollop of house-churned mint chip chocolate ice cream served in Portsmouth Brewery Kringles Krook Stout.

This first social will be featured at Hayseed in Hampton on Tuesday January 10th at 6pm. You can purchase tickets here at the pub, at Hayseed, or on our E-store. Chef Dez and I couldn’t be more excited to work together again; we hope you come to enjoy this tasty sounding menu that is paired with these lovely stouts and porters. After ‘When in Doubt, Have a Stout’ we will be picking the teams for the upcoming Chef/Brewer battle.


Chef Jon