Hey all,

So we got in a new hop variety the other day and we though we should make up a few casks. We Just had the Imp IPA dry hopped with El Dorado on. I didn’t post about it because with all the different hops in the Imp IPA it was a little hard to see what aromatic/flavors were coming just from the dry hopping. So we decided that a Dirty Blonde would be a nice blank palette to see what the El Dorado’s are really all about. The Dirty Blonde Cask dry hopped with the El Dorado just went on, and OMG, hop-a-lish! EL Dorado are a High alpha hop (16%) so they make their presents know. They give the very lightly hopped Dirty Blonde a huge floral aromatic. It smells like you are about to drink an IPA. then when the beer hits your lips the light body of the Blonde comes through and you get some very nice fruity/spicy flavors off the El Dorado with just enough hop resin left to let the beer hang on your tongue for a bit longer then the Blonde normally does. i don’t know of a better cask for you to try to get you psyched for NERAX next week! Since we are sending our Whipper Snapper (aka American Mild) dry hopped with El Dorado to it!

For those of you who don’t know what NERAX is, it is the New England Real Ale eXpo that happened in Summerville MA every year. It is one of the best collections of Cask beer you are going to find in the world.

Check out all the buzz here http://www.nerax.org and i hope to see you all down in Summerville next week/weekend.