There’s no time like Valentine’s Day to help get people “Between the Sheets!” Chef Dez, Sous Chef Steve and I created this pairing menu of familiar and surprising aphrodisiac foods, to go along with some of Matt’s house brews, so you leave the LaPanza Lounge all hot and bothered with your special someone on February 11.

While everything on the menu will be delicious, there are a few things on the menu I’m really excited about. The first one is Brookford Farm’s ‘Shades Of Blue’ raw milk blue cheese, from Canterbury, NH. Shades of Blue is one of my favorite cheeses and it’s a regular feature on our Ploughman’s Plate. The saltiness from the cheese is going to pair perfectly with the sweetness of the figs and spiciness of the American Farmhouse beer! I’m most excited to kick off the night with this New Hampshire-made opener.

We couldn’t leave out some of the more popular aphrodisiacs, like oysters and chocolate. Oysters were a favorite of Casanova, who was rumored to eat 50 every morning for breakfast. We’ll be making three different preparations of the bi-valves and we won’t make you eat nearly as many.

There’s really no better way to close out a meal with a love theme, than with chocolate! Check out that dessert; chocolate mousse and chocolate-covered strawberries paired with a cask-conditioned preview of this year’s Royal Impy Stout. Oh my goodness!

Some of the other foods on our menu may not seem as obviously romance-inspiring are: almonds, avocados, artichokes and pomegranates; but we’ll do anything to help put you in the mood.

Dez, Steve, and I are really excited for the meat and meatless options, which are listed in the links below. We look forward to seeing you at the social. Tickets are on sale, so book yours now.

We’ll see you at the Brewery!

Meat Option  Meatless option