First, the good news: Kate the Great Russian Imperial Stout is making a brief appearance at the Portsmouth Brewery today.

The bad news is that we’ve only got three gallons, which we’ll be pouring in 8-ounce servings on a first-come-first-served basis, starting at 11:30 today, when we open our doors.

Here’s the deal. Tod had squirreled away a sixtel (5.17 gallon keg) of last February’s Kate. Yesterday, he racked off a dozen bottles to serve at an upcoming event (more on that in a later post). Not wanting to have a partial keg sloshing around, we decided to put it on tap and have a teensy-weensy impromptu Kate Day, right in the middle of July. (It’s going to go very fast – even with 8-ounce pours, 3 gallons only yields 50 glasses.)
So if you’re in the neighborhood and have a minute, stop in for a taste of Tod’s famous ebony elixir, while it lasts!