It’s Beer Week time again!

Being the first brewery in Portsmouth since 1950, we’re always a little extra excited for Portsmouth Beer Week to come around.  A lot has happened in the Seacoast Beer Scene since we opened in 1991, which means there’s a lot to celebrate.  Back then, no one even brewed an IPA…

Since we don’t sell beer off premise, all of our events are happening in the pub, which gives us a great chance to change things up a bit.

Wanna see our brewery?  You can take a brewery tour everyday at 3pm for the duration of beer week.  As always, the tours are free and all tour-goers get a coupon for a half-priced sampler paddle.

We’re also excited to announce a Portsmouth Brewery Tap Takeover!  It will last all week and it’s happening right in our own bar.  That’s right, this is the one occasion when we can offer ten house-brewed beers; no guest taps.

The rest of our schedule is a bit different than past years.  Instead of releasing one beer at the end of the week; we’ve got FOUR different collaborations brews coming out over two days.  The beers will be available on tap when we open in the morning, but each collaborating brewer will join Tyler in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge from 6pm-8pm to meet, greet and share samples of one of their own beers, as well as the collaboration.  There will also be Chef Todd-created food pairings for each beer. Check ’em out:

Wednesday, February 27 from 6pm-8pm
Oatmeal Pale Ale, brewed with Rik Marley from Flying Goose Brew Pub. This golden-colored pale ale, gets a soft, yet full mouthfeel from oats in the mash, while healthy doses of Simcoe and Zythos hops add a hefty hop pop.  This beer tips the scales at a modest 5.5% and will be paired with cheddar and corn fritters.

-The first of two Seacoast collaborations was brewed with Annette Lee, co-owner and brewer at Throwback Brewery in Hampton.  Holy Molé Porter is a chocolate, molé-spiced porter made exclusively with regionally-grown and malted Valley Malts, cinnamon, cumin and locally-grown jalapeño peppers that were smoked at Throwback (a process we call chipotle-ization).  Chef Todd will be serving Molé-braised chicken taquitos alongside this 6.8% beer.
Thursday, February 28 from 6pm-8pm
Cirque de Citron was brewed with Tim Adams from Maine’s newest craft beer cool kid, Oxbow Brewing Company. This dark saison was brewed with buddha hand, citron (exotic citrus fruits) and chinese long pepper in the kettle plus lots of Amarillo hops in the hopback.  Tyler says this one is a bit more heavy, at 7.9%.  Imagine how tasty this will be alongside a a crispy springroll stuffed with Vietnamese-spiced tofu and veggies!  

-Last but not least, new-kid-on-the-Seacoast, Great Rhythm Brewing, teamed with Tyler to brew a wheat stout, named Total Eclipse of the Stout.  This 6%, black beauty is unusual in its broad use of wheat malt.  All the color and body in this beer comes from speciality wheats; which means no speciality barley malts were used in this beer.  Hazelnut brittle with chocolate-covered cacao nibs will accompany TEOTS.  
We hope you will join us in celebrating Portsmouth Beer Week 2013.  There’s a lot going on, so come on out and lift a pint. 
We’ll see you at the pub!
For more information about Smuttynose’s Portsmouth Beer Week events, check out their blog post.  The rest of 2013’s Portsmouth Beer Week events can be found on the official website: