Hey all,

It’s Friday so the new beer for today is our Pumpkin Ale.  All the pumpkin beer fans out there stand up and cheer all at once….ready…one…two…three….YES!

I wanted to talk a bit about the history of the pumpkin ale.  I know there is a larger company out there that pushes the Cinnamon/Sugar rim on the Pint of Pumpkin ale.  But like every beer we make, we make sure it is as true to style as possible.  The Pumpkin ale comes from the early settlers of our fine country.  They had been making beer like they had in the old country, with just malt, hops, water and yeast.  But in the early days we didn’t have as many malt house across our country and most the the malt was still underneath European control.  So to stretch their malt supply as much as they can the used large quantity of local starchy ingredients to still get the alcohol they were looking for in their beers.  One of those local starchy ingredients was Pumpkin.  So by using a large percentage of Pumpkin in our beer we pay homage to the recipe of our forefathers as well as adding great mouth feel and giving it beautiful orange color.  We do spice it, but very lightly, allowing the spice note to complement the beer flavor of the beer.  I mean, i want my beer to taste like beer, don’t you?

Since the original Pumpkin ale didn’t have a cinnamon and sugar rim on it; I suggest you come on in and enjoy a pint of Pumpkin Ale like it should taste!