Lucky Cloud was brewed in honor of Paul Davis, who we sadly lost last year. Paul was one of the old guard of not only New Hampshire craft brewing, but of American craft brewing as a whole and his legacy amongst us stands the test of time and will live on forever. Lucky Cloud is our take on Pauls award winning Munich Helles Lager recipe which he brewed for Lucknow Brewing; one of the original New Hampshire craft breweries. Portsmouth Brewery, along with Marthas Exchange, WHYM, Stark Brewing, Northwoods Brewing Company and Smuttynose Brewing Company have all brewed the same exact recipe, we hope to our dear friend Pauls standards. All ingredients were generously donated to us by Brewers Supply Group and Hopsteiner with a portion of the proceeds going to a savings account set up for Pauls young daughter Zee-Zee.

Describing this beer is best left to you, however it is as traditional and classic as it gets; just how Paul would have liked it. Prost!