Greeting beer lovers,
We just received great news from Tyler, from Denver, that we garnered two medals at the Great American Beer Festival!! Horray! The Rye beer took a silver and the Milk Stout took a bronze. We are very excited about this news. I know we will be brewing the Milk later in the fall and we’ll be rethinking our brew schedule for another batch of Rye. We were playing with the idea of brewing a bigger version of the Rye,,,,, like perhaps a Rye Wine????? or maybe just our Winter Rye. Who knows. Maybe we’ll put in Rye just like the one we won with. Anyway, we are quite pleased with this news. Come on in a raise a glass to the hard working boys who made it thru the summer and still found the where-with-all to get some bling at the big dance. Cheers! Todm