Greetings beer lovers,
Yes, it is true 5 C’s IPA is finally on tap. It was sad to see Clusters Last Stand take a bow but there will be more….. However, what we have lined up now is quite delicious and here is the run down of new beers….. Along with the 5C’s is a very limited stash(2 kegs)of Ruthless Rye IPA from Sierra Nevada which will replace Finest Kind ’til Ruthless is gone. Ruthless Rye as the name implies is a Rye IPA that is hoppy and delectable with it’s unique rye malt aroma and flavor finished off with the signature Sierra hop character….resinous and floral. We have a touch of Bigfoot also from Sierra to be followed by our Winter Rye which is quite different from the Sierra Nevada Rye product as we were going for full mouth feel and body to assuage the cold winter(?) chill and a good balance between the rye and hops. The Winter Rye weighs in at 6% abv and will pair well with the pasta and meat selections here at P-Brew. Do stop in and try our new offerings. Cheers! Todm