Hey all,

I’m back from a little excursion to Indio CA. It is high dessert land so the temp varies from 53 oF at night to 90 oF in the middle of the afternoon, crazy. So it is like going from early spring to late fall all in 14 – 15 hours. I saw the sun rise there for 3 days straight and I totally understand the line of the star spangled banner “purple mountains majesty“. Amazing!

Any-who, beer wise the Alt has been replaced by the Smoked Dunkelweizen. I almost want to put the smoked in quotes since the apple wood smoked malt is so sweet and subtle and much more of an after taste then the first thing you taste like in years past. It just went on this weekend so it is going to need a few days to settle out completely. It is tasting great just a bit on the yeasty side right this second.

The cask has changed to the HH2 dry-hopped with Simcoe. This is a similar cask that we sent to NERAX North up at Novare Res. Since i wasn’t able to make it up there a couple of weekends ago, I am excited to give this one a try.

Kate is bubbling away and will be ready in the 100+ days or so we have left. 🙂