Hey all,

We lost the Summer Rye and Weizenheimer over the weekend. We replaced the summer Rye with the Witt^2, which is the imperial version of our Wit. We have a couple of lagers in the works, so we thought we would try to hold on to summer as long as possible by putting on a few kegs of Smuttynose’s Summer Weizen. This American Wheat beer has a late kettle addition of Chamomile. So soothing, like Sleepy-time tea. Come on get a pint while summer is still here!

Also i am gearing up for the trek to Denver for GABF (Great American Beer Festival). I am leaving early Thursday morning and will be back late on Sunday. I haven’t been out to GABF since 2007, when i brought back the medal for the Wheatwine that is hanging in the up bar. We will have to see if i bring back anything this year?