Greetings Craft Beer Lovers,
  We are glad to be hosting a few informal events at P-Brew during American Craft Beer week down in the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge: On Monday we have master chocolatier Ann Czaja, from Lindt Chocolate, doing a pairing of 4 Lindt chocolates with 4 of our beers.  Come to the brewery between 6PM and 7 PM and see how we pair beer and chocolate. On Tues. we will be pouring 10 Portsmouth brewery beers in a tap “re-takeover”. Be on the lookout for some aged beers as well as our celebration to American Craft Beer week with the 2 indigenous beers styles to America; Cream Ale and California Common. We’ll also be pouring our black IPA. Lot’s of great beers to celebrate ACBW with. On Weds, again at 6PM ’til 7 PM we have our cheese monger friend Robert Aguilera here who will be pairing 4 cheeses with 4 of our beers. Just come on by and try 4 tasty beers with 4 tasty cheeses. On Thurs.  evening between 6PM and 7PM we’ll have a informal Q & A with Throwback brewer Annette, Smuttynose brewer Dave and perhaps a few other Smuttynose brewers alongside me and my crew. All you homebrewers out there bring in your questions on style and anything you might have an interest in to see if one of the aforementioned brewers can help with your queries. On Friday we’ll be pouring a pin for Firkin Friday. You never know what we have in the firkin ’til you try it.
 Lastly, we have a log of Smuttynose Gravitation to become the “11th tap” for the Sunday lineup. Well, that ‘s all for now. Hope to see you here over the American Craft Beer Week celebration. The reason we celebrate ACBW is because of all the craft beer lovers out there. So, here’s to you all, you lager lovers and ale aficionados!! Cheers! Todm
PS I recently returned from San Diego after attending the Craft Brewers Conference and the World Beer Cup competition. Wow, there is a whole lotta hops goin’ on out there. It seems like every brewery produces about 7 IPA’s all with HUGE amounts of hops!! It’s an epidemic!