Hey all,

I hear that there was a question if we had anything planed for American Craft beer week, that is going on as we speak. (Apologies for hitting the wrong button over the publish button on a earlier comment.) To answer your question, yes we have a couple of things planned. First off as it states on the beertown.org web site we are doing tours every day this week at 1 and 3 pm vs. just the normal Thurs, Fri, Sat tour hours. Secondly we are bringing out a special pin (5 gal gravity fed cask) Thursday afternoon and putting it on the bar upstairs. What’s in the cask you ask? Lets just say that you hop-heads out there are going to be quite pleased. Wink wink, nod nod. 🙂


P.S. Tod here to chime in about American Craft Beer week….. I believe every week is American Craft beer week. Day in day out Tyler and I work very hard to bring you, the American Public, the finest ales and lagers to entice your palattes and whet your whistles. So, whether you are coming to P-Brew for the first time or are a regular we hope you find at least one American made beer, in International styles, to your liking. ( Do you hear the National Anthem or the Stars and Stripes gently playing in the background?) That’s nice! I raise my glass. Here is to you and American Crafted Beer forever!. Cheers! Todm