May flowers. Then what do Mayflowers bring?………Pilgrims!

Hey all,

Just a little joke i still remember from kindergarten. Hope all of you got cleaned up and fixed all the problems from the last storm before this one hit. I want to hug the man who invented the sump pump! Amazing little invention.

Anyways, the beers are still flowing here at the P-brew, even while it pours outside. I apologize for not keeping the “What’s on Tap” a little more updated last week but the last few time i tried the program froze up on me. But it is accurate now. As i mentioned in my previous post the Murphy’s Law replaced the Imperial Porter. Plus the Black Cat Stout replace the Oatmeal Stout.

We are ramping up our stock pile of beers to get ready for the warmer weather. All you seem to come in a lot more often when the weather is nice. So we are trying to make sure you have some delicious libations waiting for you.

See ya soon for a pint!