Greetings beer lovers. It is true, August is here and thanfully so. In case you’ve been working in a cave ( like me) and had not noticed we’ve had on hell of a lot of rain as of late. With the 1st day of August so far the 8th month is promising to be a decent one. So, here is what’s happening in the cave we call our brewery. The Thaizenheimer kicked and we just replaced it with our Rye ale. Wow what a unique ale. It is a spicy, full flavored medium bodied whallop of flavor ale. We made this one with 45% malted rye and 55% malted barley and used our in house yeast fermented at 70 degrees. It make for a very fruity estery ale. The rye adds a unique flavor similar to wheat but more nutty and less tart. It is a nice ale to round out our line up. Hope you like it. See you soon. Cheers! Todm