Hey all,

Hope to see you all at tonights beer social, downstairs in the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge 6-8pm. I tried a bite of the Tamales this morning which were great. I am excited to try the rest of it tonight.

Here’s the menu:

Hot Smoked Salmon Platter with garnishes and sourdough crisps.
Beer pairing – Dirty Blonde Ale

Jonnycakes with green apple and Maine Crab Salad.
Beer pairing – Weizenheimer

Corn and clam fritters.
Beer pairing – Smuttynose Old Brown Dog

Peppered Bison Skewers with Huckleberry Demi.
Beer pairing – Black IPA

Warm Apricot-Stuffed Tamales.
Beer pairing – Aged Wheat Wine