Hey all,

Yes it was time to put on the Aged Flanders Blend. This is another very limited beer where we are not bottling or selling growlers. So you are going to have to come in to the P-Brew to try some of this. This is a blend of this years Flanders Red with a three year old Old Brun, two year old Flanders Red and a one year old Flanders Red. All the aged beers have the addition of a lambic yeast strain to at the start of the aging cycle. Plus we added some tart cherries. It is as close as we could come to making a true Kreik Lambic. Most definitely worth a try.

As i mentioned earlier it is a very limited amount, so I might not wait until the weekend to come give it a try. Because like the Black IPA it might go very quickly.


PS On the Black IPA train of thought. Since the small amount I made when Tod was on vacation went over so well, we are going to brew a full batch of it on Friday.