Greetings beer lovers! Looks like the Saison kick last night :-{(} but the Bluebeery is now ready to fill our Red ,Wit, and Blue beer line-up for a patriotic July 4th celebration. Our Blueberry beer is a pale ale made with 60 pounds of IQF (individually quick frozen) Maine blueberries into the brew kettle at flame out and another 60 pounds into the fermenter at terminal gravity. Yeah, that is 120 pounds total in a 7 barrel batch….. like about 1/2 a pound per gallon of beer!! Makes for a pinkish hued pale ale with gentle blueberry flavor and aromatics. The “beer” components play more than the fruit here but there is a certain fruit character in this light bodied pale ale. Enjoy this fruity elixir with some of todays fish offering. Lastly, don’t forget to ask your server for or get down to the Lapanza for a taste of Sixpoints Resin as our 11th offering today. Some great beer around this here pub today and most every day. Enjoy the heat and a cold one…..Cheers! Todm