Hey all,

Bluebeery season is here! The the annual double batch of Bluebeery just went on replacing the Smuttynose Summer Weizen. Since we made 14 bbls of this beer I hope it will be on tap for a few weeks for you guys to enjoy.

The 5 C’s is now officially gone. You guys hit up the beer engine hard last night. The 5 C’s dryhopped with centennial cask went on and kicked before I could even blog that it was on! So we have a Milk Stout cask dryhopped with EKG’s on now. You would be correct by assuming that if we have a Milk Stout cask on that means that the Milk Stout on draft is soon to follow. The Oatmeal Stout is getting low and will probably change over to the Milk Stout tonight at some point.