Hey all,

The much awaited Bravo Pale Ale is on tap. It is an American Pale ale, unlike its British counterpart, it has hop character. The bitterness is very clean and we did five Bravo (a newer hop variety) additions starting at 30min all the way through the whirlpool addition. For those who have yet to take the tour here at the brewery, the 30min addition is for the hop flavor and the later the addition goes into the boil you get more hop aroma. So this beer is going to show the full flavor and aroma profile of Bravo. The beer has changed for the better in the serving tank. Out of the fermenter I couldn’t get any of the hop aromas because of the residual yeast in suspension, but now the yeast has settled out and there is a very nice background earthiness on the nose with a slight hit of citrus. On the tongue there is a nice hop spice character and a slight earthy/fruity background post-nasal flavor lingering on the pallet. Bravo seems like it will be a nice flavor addition to any Pale Ale or IPA. Let us know what you think.

On a sadder note, the Saison de Printemps is on her last legs. We have about 20-30 gal left. So there is a good chance she isn’t going to last until the weekend. So get in a taste it before she is gone. We do have our first batch of Hefeweizen ready to go on after the Saison is gone. But please order this beer like this, “I’ll take a Hefeweizen, N.F.L please.” N.F.L. stands for No Freaking Lemon, if you didn’t know. I know that I mention this every year when the Hefeweizen comes out. Because our Hefe is the traditional version of Hefe, not the American style Hefeweizen, where there is tons of flavor in the beer already. Plus the lemon will kill all head retention as well as hiding all the spicy/fruity flavors and aromas you are supposed to get off the beer behind the crazy citrus character of the lemon. Ok I am done venting now.

But, if you really want a lemon in your beer, I guess you can get one.
Just know that I might be up there watching. Muahahaha! 🙂