Greetings beer lovers,
 So, Brett cast off the bow of the Bluebird and she cruised her way into the taps at P-Brew for this Sunday’s 11th beer line up. Yep, we got another log of the Smuttynose short batch series “Brett and I”, a Belgian style golden ale finished with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast strain, to create this unique beer. If you have not had a “Brett” then you are in for a taste treat influenced by the Belgian brewing traditions.
    On the other front here at P-Brew we had a change over in the line up when the Retro Pale ale moved on and was replaced by our spring Dunkelweizen. This interpretation of a dark(dunkel) wheat (weizen) is enhanced by the use of local maple syrup from Mclure’s of Littleton, N.H. The resultant beer drinks with a crisp flavor derived by the German hefeweizen yeast strain, most notably the clove and banana aroma as well as the dark malts adding a complexity found in this style of ale. Don’t look for sweetness from the maple syrup because the sugars in the syrup are highly fermentable and leave just a touch of sweetness at the very end of the flavor profile. This is a good beer to enjoy both on a warm sunny day or a miserable rainy Sunday. So, come on down and enjoy a Brett and I or a Dunkelweizen. Cheers! Todm