Greetings beer lovers,
We just picked the winner for “the Brew for a Day” raffle. And that winner is: Brendan Vesey of Portsmouth. A local! I hope everyone enjoyed the American Craft Beer Week. I want to thank all those behind the scenes that enabled us to pull off a good week featuring food and beer pairings, great food, beer and a fun social. Thanks Chef Todd, Brennan Rumble (GM) assistant managers Ben and Kieran and Liz as well as Q.P. and my assistants Tyler and Tyson. Special thanks to Peter and Joanne for allowing us to pull this week off. Did anyone get any of the Kate we allocated for this week? Turns out there may even be some more Kate sightings later in the summer,fall or even early winter. We’ll just have to see what happens. Cheers! to all those who attended the brewery events and had some fun in doing so. Have a great week. Cheers!Todm