Hello all,

The Sierra Bigfoot as left the building. But we have one keg of Serria Nevada Celebration that we pulled out for you guys. This ’08 Vintage of the Celebration has mellowed so nicely during the 5 months of cold aging this beer. The hop character is till there but it is much spicier than I remember it being, and of course much mellower then the Bigfoot that it replaced. This one keg is a Celebration for the return of the Portsmouth Brewery’s Wheat Wine that is to follow this beer. I’m excited to have a glass after work of the celebration, and for the wheat wine in the future.

Secondly the Murphy’s Law Red has been replace with the return of our Imperial/Baltic Porter. This Porter is just as good as it was when it was on a week or so ago. So smooth with a nice chocolate finish. Yummm.