Hey All,
Looks like everyone loved the Clusters Last Stand as there is less than a keg in Serving Tank #10!! Looks like we’ll have to brew another batch soon! There is also a wee bit of the cask of CLS dryhopped with Tomahawk (delicious!) So, all you resin lovers who wanna get your tongues in a tizzy get on down here as the Cluster Last Stand won’t probably make it thru the night….. which brings me to our line up for the next few days(?) which will include Winter Rye a burly full bodied Rye Ale brewed for winter ( read big mouthfeel!) and some 5 C’s IPA (14 BBL). So all you hopheads around the area will have some hoppy IPA to enjoy. By the looks of how the IPAs are moving the trend is certainly not slowing down at all!! Cheers! Todm