Well since you asked.

I’m a NH boy and grew up in Concord NH and went to Concord High. I then continued my education at UNH and studied Chemical engineering while falling in love with the seacoast of NH. I got a job out of school as a traveling sales man selling filter presses, filter plates and filter cloths. But after a year of that I got sick of my cubical and sick of airports. I had been home brewing since my sophomore year of college and was getting into it. So I decide to go to UC Davis and got my master brewers certificate. I made my way back east and asked Tod for a job. There wasn’t one available so I worked at Mercury Brewing Co down in Ipswich MA. I kept in touch with Tod at least monthly to see what was going on, and one day he asked me to come in for a working interview. That was a year and a half ago now. And the rest is history.