Hey all,

We made a Cezch Style Plisner yesterday. The famous Cezch Plisner, Pilsner Urquell, popped into my head which lead me to call the beer “Steve Urquell” all day long. It’s a working name for the beer, but legally i am not sure if we can name it that. I don’t want to get sued by ABC as well as Jaleel White (the actor that played Steve Urkel. The truth is i had to cheat and used IMDB)

So after that side note, the tap line up is changing as fast as we all hope the weather is going to. Is it Spring yet?!?! For all of those out there that haven’t been keeping an day in day out eye on the tap line up here is the Readers Digest condensed version of the tap changes.

-ESB -> Winter Weizen
-Murphy’s Law Red -> WeizenBock
-Smutty Shoals Pale ale -> Oskar Blues Dale Pale Ale -> Oskar Blues G’Kinght (happened today!)
-Imp IPA -> Whipper Snapper (happened today)
-Oatmeal Stout -> Black Cat Stout
Plus the Grand Cru is on and i cant remember what kicked for that to come on.

So if you haven’t been here in a while time to come back in because the line up to totally different then the last time you were here. Totally delicious!