Greetings beer lovers,
This Sundays “extra tap” beer offering is a double whammy of Dogfish Head beers. We have some Burton Baton, an oak aged IPA, and some Palo Santo, a big brown ale aged in Palo Santo wood. The folks at Dogfish Head remark about Palo Santo that the aging tanks are made of “exotic Paraguayan Palo Santo wood” which add a complexity of caramel and vanilla to this burly ale. The tanks are also the largest wooden brewing vessels since Prohibition in America and make the folks at DFH very excited. “We have wood. Now you do too” they have been known to say. So come on by this Sunday and warm your soul with some big gnaurghly beers!
On another note, this Thurs. the 19th we’ll be debuting a collaboration brew Dave Yarrington from Smuttynose and I did with Stone Brewing Co’s Mitch Steele. Mitch and the crew at Stone have been researching IPA’s and will be publishing a book about IPA in the near future. We have brewed an “old school” style IPA derived from an old Ballentine IPA recipe. We took some liberties but used the grist, malt, profile and the hopping rates, and we used Cluster and Bullion from the olden days and added some Tomahawk for that incorrect P.C. thing….. the beer being called Clusters Last Stand. Again, come on by and enjoy a pint or two of old school IPA on Thurs and say hey to Dave, Mitch and I. Cheers! Todm