Greetings beer lovers, Tod here with a quick update on what is happening down here in the cellar. I had a busy day brewing solo and cleaning the Hefe line to make way for the Bluebeery. This batch of Bluebeery is quite tasty and will quench the thirsty-“est” parched throats!! We added an extra 30 #’s of Blueberries into the fermenter for an added boost of aromatics. I have to say it is a wee bit more noticable. For all you hop afficianados that tore into the 5 C’s Hopmonsta yesterday I hope you enjoyed the tasty elixer….. sadly it is already gone. There is 5 gals. of 5 C’s on cassk dryhopped with Chinook. Unfortunately 5 C’s will not make another appearence until later in the fall. Good news, the Ocktoberfest is slowly coming down in temperature as it readies for deep condition until the end of Sept. PATIENCE is essential with all lager beers!! Well, that’s about all for now. Cheers! Todm
P.S. I know Tyler didn’t tell you but he asked for his girls hand in marriage and she accepted his proposal ….so a big HOORAH to Rachel and Tyler. Cheers! and enjoy the fine weather and tasty beers!