Hey all,

We are putting on the Gose right now (pronounced “Gose-uh” as in “rose” plus “uh”). This beer is an ancient German recipe that traces its origin to Leipzig, the capital of the German State of Saxony. It is a partial sour wheat beer brewed with coriander and Salt. Salt in your beer! My Grampa and Pepe are looking down and smiling I am sure. I remeber them both shaking a bunch of salt in their Plisners when i was growing up. The Leipzig area of Germany is know for there salt mines, so the water in the area has a naturally high salinity. So to replicate it we had to add salt to our water. We did a partial sour mash for a small portion of the mash for 3 days, and added some coriander towards the end of the boil.

Now i know what you are thinking Sour/Salty/Spicy beer; that sounds really weird. But like all of our beers it is really well balanced and all the flavors are very subtle. I am sure if I didn’t just spill the beans you would have to wonder for a long while to figure out what all the flavors you were getting out of this beer. So why not ponder life’s questions with a pint of Gose.

See ya soon.