Greetings beer lovers,
Our Belgian style Tripel has gone away…… and replacing it is our Grand Cru. A beer in the Belgian style of “Grand Cru’s” has the adage of being one of the finest we brew and this is certainly true with this one! With a little more attention to balance and flavor this bold yet reserved ale has the full-fruit character of other Belgian style ales including a similar aromatic to peaches and pineapples. Along with the 8 percent abv(alcohol by volume) the beer has an lovely light amber to orange hue due to the incorporation of candi-syrup (of the amber persuasion) along with some aromatic malt in the grist profile. To create a wee bit of nuance we added just the slightest bit of white peppercorn and coriander to the finishing boil. The resultant beer has a slightly sweet upfront flavor followed by a medium body and a lingering aftertaste. We hope you find it appealing. Cheers! Todm