Hey all,

apparently great people were born on February 15th, myself included!

This weekend has been a busy one here at the P-brew, today not excluded. Which you might know if you came in looking to get some good food and beers at any point. So with all the people here there had to be a few changes to the beer line up. The Milk Stout is on replacing the Black Cat Stout. The Milk Stout is a sweet stout. The addition of the unfermentable milk sugar, lactose, gives the beer a nice creamy sweetness. It tastes slightly like a carbonated iced coffee. A tasty beer.

The Belgian Triple needed a little longer to condition so we brought in some Big foot to back up the Celebration. The Serria Nevada Big Foot is their Barleywine. It has a nice malt sweetness up front and finishes with the traditional Serria hop profile. We only got a couple of kegs here so enjoy it while you can.

The Cask changed as well to the Imperial Porter Dry hopped with palisade. We went through the first Porter cask yesterday before I could even blog that it was on! The Impy Porer on cask is so nice. So if you havn’t had one yet, you should!