While Tod and Zach are working on the Mash Tun I thought I would get a quick Blog in.

Happy 4th of July everyone. To celebrate here at the Portsmouth Brewery we decided to do a Red, White and Blue sampler for you all to enjoy.
The Red being our Murphy’s Law Red Ale, our version of a Irish Style red ale.
The White being our Belgian Wit, which is a Belgian Wheat beer with orange and coriander flavors and a nice white color from the raw wheat used in the boil.
Last but not least is the Blue, which we put out another fan favorite our Bluebeery. It is a light bodied beer that has turned almost purple from the 120lbs of REAL blueberries added to this brew. If you have never had our Bluebeery you have not experienced what a real fruit should taste like.

See ya here for a pint later!