Hello all,

Well harvest time has started here at the Portsmouth Brewery. The Moat Mountain Weiss is gone but we have replaced it with our Hop Harvest I. This beer uses the locally grown east coast hops in it. they are a Fuggle derivative, which is a British style of hops. The grower did his doctorate research on organic and sustainable growing with his focus on growing hops. He said that he can trace back this hop variety to the original hops the pilgrims brought over with them on the Mayflower. So in turn this beer is a mellow version of a hop harvest. It has a very floral nose with a nice resin backbone on the palette. If I had to compare it to anything I would say it is almost like an ESB (extra special bitter). So I am going to have to say it is a Extremely Extra Special Bitter. EESB, HA!

The Double Wit has left us as well. But our Double Alt aka the Alternator isn’t ready yet. So we busted out some vintage stuff for you all. Right now we have an ’07 Barleywine pouring. The dark fruits flavors of plums, raisins and figs are nicely present on the nose and palate. The 11.5% abv has mellowed out amazingly leaving an hint of vanilla in the post nasal aroma (the aroma after the swallowing). It is amazing what a year can do for a beer. It will cost you $6.00 for a bubble glass of it and since it is a very limited amount we are not filling growlers of this bad boy. So you are going to have to come in to have a taste of this one and I promise that it will totally be worth it.