Greetings Beer Lovers,
Here we go with the unofficial start to summer with Memorial Day Weekend. Beside all the great things happening in and around the state, we too,have some changes in the beer selection,,,, and the one in particular that is not only new to us but it turns out our brothers-in-trade over in Petaluma CA at the Lagunitas Brewing Co, have provided the Portsmouth Brewery with the only kegs of Hop Stoopid in the Granite State!! This is one hop-a-rific brew with a resinous aromatic with a good malt backbone to balance the intense hop character. It’s light amber color should not fool you into sweetness cause this is one hoppy brew! If you consider yourself a hop head your ship (keg) has come in! We feel very honored to have this selection to offer our patrons at this festive time of year. So, not only are we starting the summer season with a bombastic hop offering Hop Stoopid, be on the lookout for some other offerings coming soon like Charlies Wild Duck Rye IPA, our Black IPA and our Hefeweizen not to mention the Biere de Miel! Whoa, it’s looking good for the start of summer!! But as some of you are aware that the Portsmouth Brewery turns 20 years old next Wednesday. Be sure to stop in and congratulate not only the Brewery staff but consider thanking yourselves for keeping the fire going here at the brewery. We’ll be having some cake and a special 20th anniversary brew “Mottly’s Crew” to offer as we toast the anniversary. The staff and community cannot take all the credit for the incredible run we’ve had but thanks to Peter and Joanne’s vision of what and where we belong in the community has been the kindling to keep the our flames stoked. Thanks to all and I hope see some of you on Wednesday. Cheers! Todm