Hey all,

We are trying to hold on to summer as long as possible here at Portsmouth Brewery.  It is true that the fall beers are some delectable beverages, but they tastes so much better once there is the fall chill in the air.   So while we still have 70-80oF days we have a few more easy drinking summers beers for you coming up. 

The Bluebeery just went on this morning.  For all of you out there that scoff at the thought of drinking a “Fruit beer” don’t knock this one before you try it.  Our Bluebeery uses 60lbs of real blueberries for 7bbls of beer.  So the beer its self has amazing blue/purple color from the blueberries as well as real blueberry aromatic.  Because we don’t use any extracts you are not going to get any of that “fake” cough syrup flavors in the beer making it a clean, crisp and refreshing beer.  Not your average blueberry beer, that’s why we call it Blue-beer-y.

The Petite Saison is almost ready to transfer.  The 3.75% abv Session Saison in my mind is a new, but old, take on the Saison Style.  Where Saison beers traditionally were made as table drinking beers for lunch time for the french farmhouse seasonal workers.  So making this lower alcohol Sasion is a paying homage to the original, or at least what i think the original, Sasion recipe.  I let the beer ferment out very warm really letting the yeast aromatics and yeast flavors develop.  So you are going to get this big Spicy/Fruity nose on the beer.  Then when you take a gulp you get a very quaffable, extremely light body, easy drinking beer.  Just the perfect beer to quench your thirst after working the sun out in the fields.