Greetings beer lovers,
First off I’d like to say I feel proud to be part of history as we have finally given the nod to an African American to become our President, Three cheers! to Barak Obama!
Well I am back at the ‘old mac’ to give a brief update on what’s happening around here since Tyler has the day off to take care of his bebe, Rachel, who is having her wisdom teeth yanked out…. poor thing. Hope you are OK, Rach. Anyway, we did get the cask changed to Oatmeal Stout with Styrian Goldings…… earthy yumminess with a hint of roast. The Alt beer is getting low so if you haven’t had a chance to taste this wonderful elixer….. I’d check it out as it is quite tasty. It looks like the Moat Weiss will be hanging on thru the weekend but be ready for a tasty Rye beer we’re calling our Winter Rye. It is very similar to a wheat beer in it has a tart-like character but it is quite different in that it is a bit more complex with a few layers of malt and hops. And lastly someting for you big malt lovers we’ve got our Scotch ale in deep condition and will be ready when the Alt kicks.
Of other points of interest Rob Martin, our executive chef, has asked me to post some tasty morsels for you all to ponder. Rob has just received a pig from the Hasty Family at Breezy Hill Farms and will be running some piggy specials this weekend…. consisting of a Confit of pork, a pork chop and a reillette of pork. My arteries are already hardening!! Nothing like a little OBD or Black Cat Stouy to wash this goodness down. Hope you are all getting in the mood for some tasty portions of pork and beer. Until the next time, Cheers! Tod.