Hey all,

We have officially started Portsmouth beer week.  The weekend kick off brought many people into town walking and tasting beer all over this fine town.  One of the new beers that was put on today was the Royal Impy Stout.  This beer is available on draft and 11.3oz stubby bottles in the retail store.  Come give this new beer a try and let me know what you think.  It is big bold and a great beer to celebrate Portsmouth Craft beer.

To keep the beer flowing here at the Portsmouth Brewery is always a interesting (and fun!) juggling act.  For those of you who have been on the Tour here you know what a small space we have.  All that being said I have the taps almost full with Portsmouth Brewery beers!  I have replaced the bulk of the guest lines with the collaboration beers i have had in the “What’s in the Works” side bar for the past couple of months.  Once the keg of Smuttynose Wheat Wine kicks we will be putting on the Portsmouth Best Bitter filling all 10 taps with beers made within these four walls!

Hope to see you all on Wednesday and Thursday night for the Collaboration Showcase/Meet the Brewer event in the Jimmy Lapanza Lounge.  Wednesday we have the brewers from Throwback and Flying Goose, showcasing the Holy Mole’ Porter and Oatmeal Pale ale respectively.  Then come back the next night to meet the Brewers from Oxbow Brewing and Great Rhytum brewing.  We will be showcasing the Cirque de Citron and the Total Eclipse of the Stout, respectively.  There will be food and beer pairings as well as a possible special beer from the “guest” brewery.